From Abyss, Thy Wrath

by WOM

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"From Abyss, Thy Wrath" is the second full length album, after 2013's "Northern Sons", of the black metal musical project, WOM (Winds of Mayhem). Recorded during December 2015 and January 2016 , initially it was supposed to be a raw/aggressive black metal production, an album version of the latest EP, "Summoning the Black Moon", but the composing process wasn't going in that specific direction, ending up in a concept album with more abstract lyrical theme than any other material before.

The concept behind "From Abyss, Thy Wrath" -even if it'll sound primitive here- is about the main character's struggle in world where he doesn't fit in, condemning him to fall in his own abyss, own solitude, wherein he loses all his purity, kindness and good side -referred as Margareth, which stands for innocence and purity in many cultures- ending up being an evil monster, a destroyer of mankind. A character often referred as, The Child or The Infant within the lyrics.


released March 16, 2016

A. - All Instruments/ Vocals/ Programming/ Lyrics

Cover art by: Albert Pinkham Ryder

Additional personnel: Alin Birău: Backing vocals/ Screams

Special Thanks to: Adi Bogoşel, Mario Alberto Barba Martinez and all of those that supported in any way this project.



all rights reserved


WOM Cyprus

WOM (or Winds of Mayhem) is a one man black metal band from Cyprus, formed in 2011 by A.

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Track Name: The Tomb
A common veil of obvious,
Perpetual lies, upon a being in stone,
Uttering, bulk of sounds; All faces,
woven in vain; and uniform.

A vivid alchemy of existence; Thou, Child!
For man's palsied in pegged patterns,
Thy art; Dwell amidst thine seclusions
vaguely seen; within a tomb.

Unspoken sojourns, amidst surging seas of green,
Led to a hillside, unreal in its sinister vivid silence.
As all the echoes of an enthralled consciousness dies
There, into the twilight's deeps; Thy limits of beauty.

An ancient structure, in its sudden semblance
Transmutes hillsides harmony; all shudders of Thine.
As within an, ajar, forbidden, stone-carved gate,
An abstruse odour, invoked a past; unknown for Thee.

Spurred on, to grasp, all that lies beyond gloomy worlds,
Wherein, voices preserved, in their dissonant invokings.
Mumbled portentous tales, of all tragedies in Man,
Voices, once fleshes, behind Tomb's gate; Thee's the Key.

Day's noir common veil of obvious
Forever enthralls, for an existence so futile!
As Thy Bearer of all knowledge,
for the Child is gone
woven remains; inside the Tomb.
Track Name: Sunlight Theater
Measures of time, unknown are,
Amidst lone soul of Thine; benighted,
For sights, so empty; and dismal,
In endless shapes of night; cloaked.

Oh, palid cuss, accursed in stillness!
Yearning for the night, Thee'll call it day!

Seclusions, within the horrible warmth
Of candle fire's-damp, exist no longer,
For all suicidal trials, a parlous doorway; unsealed,
As blinded by a radiant-blue tranquil semblance,
A dream, a novel hillside in its sinister vividness
Wherein mystic pathways, awaits a journey
Towards cravings of Thine, for the theater of light.

A morbid chaotic dance, among all masks
Veiled in dissonant yellings, of vanishing faces.

Malicios was the act, bebothering upon Thy hands
For touched by Monstrosity's semblance of desolation,
A palid child-shape of antique and gloomy putrefaction,
Forever cruel be-nightmared, in Thine desperate refugee.

Roles there never been, now Thee knows
Into the sunlight theater's abstruse doom

As within the always abyss,
Darkness, to become a bliss
For all Thy eyes in light beheld
A mirror.
Track Name: Forest's Perdition
Eyes, never to behold an end
Wherein blurry is, an incipit, even
For all dreams; yelling so intense
Through an aghast chasm; Thy prison.
Eyes; An inner presence of horror
Act of an immortal horrible; Abides
Eternally; For, in lack of any warmth
For the Sun lost in beholding; Thy dreadful Melancholia.

It remained only the forest's mystic voice
Never deaf for; The whispers of Margareth
In every beams of a vanning, pale, Moon,
In every corpse of Thine; Confusions, alive.

Icons of forgotten times; A tormented repent.
Portraits all faces of an unnamed hatred,
Never veiled in patterns of absurd lies,
For starving, the always blade; Within Thy cries.

Everlasting is the suffering which abides
For never so abstruse, all tree's weeping,
Amidst Thy Flesh, chanted in desperate depths,
As flames no long, to burn; a soul, so frozen.

Hidden are all ways ahead,
For devoured by solitude's hatred.
As the cage from Thy depths
In cruel shapes of black ; Unsealed
Darkling essences from the evil's
Past keenest forms, of horror
For forest's Tomb, ascending perdition
Into an unnamed Infant; Thou.
Track Name: Beneath the Light, Her Hearse
Track Name: Tempest of Fire
Red was, the furry of the tempest, once
Befallen upon a young, aesthetic candle.
Wherein, all calamities above; Thy tomb
Devoided of silence, for buried so long,
Urging tongues of fire, to become learnt
For shining to be, the utterance of hatred
Against an enthralled alchemy, of faces
In tears so evil and forever mirrors; Veiled.

In all nights of moon's absence
Skies craved for man's innocence,
For glanced a monstrosity, in its cries
In all nights, of voided lights.

A rhythm beyond the chasm
Symphony of an evil phantasm
Hypnotic decrepitation, of antique curses
The chant of once witches.

In lack of morning glow, Thy eyes
Fails beholding corpse, to try
For shall never be, any sort of empty darkness
Amidst life's meaninglessness.
As for the above's theatre of lights
A morbid dance of cries, in flights,
For an eternal tempest of fire, wherein benighted
All faces; Into the metamorphosis of Thine.
Track Name: An Infant of Abyss
A ghastly yelling; dreams lasting farewell.
Macabre in ways, Thou, young invoked sorrow
For all art fallen amidst valley's ancient calling.

Tormented mistress of the unnamed craving joy
Of fleshes; In Her widow winds; a cruel desire,
In pure possession of silenced mortuary nothingness of thine.

Destiny's statue, swathed in bitter-rust's horrible,
Confessor of nihilistic vowels; deliverers of pain,
In mystic aeons when all Gods and Devils, abides so fallen.

Daemonical symphonies of vanning swarms of voices
Bid to shuddered confinements; an abyssal conclusions
For within Thy blinded sleep, a raging breath still utterly shines.

When all night's raining fire, eternally befalls hatred
Mad will abide, the betrayed candles of filthy flesh
As dark art waters, for desperate corpses; drowning,
An Unnamed inner, alchemy's incipit of voided haze,
The once phantom of joy benighted; Margareth's agony
The once tale of blind tragedy; a ritual so monstrous.

When all cries art eternally reared; an infant, so old
Spouts the cursed poem of sunlight's death.

Ancient forgotten stone, home of the disease,
In skeletons, starved filth, never to bid an embrace,
All life's blood macabre painted lack, of reminiscences.

Centuries of dreadful haggard amidst unspoken forests
In purest form of black; all memories remained blank
Of the once deepest rejected times; murdered by The Others.

Beams of a diffuse fire's sparkle; as if, it was betoken,
Forge themselves, into the heart of the lingering depths,
For Thy avenging rage , from the abyss, manumitted at last!

"I am the one, The once Fallen.
I am the one, bearer of all suffering.
Benighted from Thy sun's caressing,
For all my flesh is pale and rotten.

Mine are the hands, death will bebother,
In filthy blood upon all souls, but one.
For; Margareth's's whispers; when I was gone;
A companion in my dismal horror.

I am the one, Thy lack of bliss.
I am the incipit of eternal night.
I am the void in your sight.
I am the Infant of the Abyss!"
Track Name: Twilight's Chant
One last gaze, for once nights of eerie depths,
Before, vilest winds, so cold, in lack of any repent
Malicios dispossesser, of the last abyssal breath.
One last gaze, for all past in screaming misery.

In eternal darkness, a once longing for fire's warmth
Became a tempest, a vivid hatred in fallen red blood
Fo all descending, within the horrible solitude's Tomb,
In innocence skeletons, bearer of all imprisonments.

Dreary abides all sights, for Thy Evil art's commencement.
The hour of death, in twilight's chant of mourning corpses,
Sunken in eternity's dark waters of mystical hazard
The hour of revenge, in twilight's tales of nightmares haze.

Monstrosity's putrid face,
in endless shapes of horrible
Be-nightmares all voids, all lights.

Once dreams, betrayed by all eyes,
for benighted of becoming a part
Of theater's joy, always an outsider.

The hour of death, in twilight's chant of mourning corpses,
The hour of revenge, in twilight's tales of nightmares haze.
Track Name: Darkness, Thy Beauty
An abeyance for the patient moonrise
To manumitt old cries, bearers of all woes
For a grey hearse is awaiting amidst all day's colour.

Memories of once forbidden dreams
In all alchemy of corpses, dreary present
A confused child hearken no more , in Margareth's calling.

The ancient longings for Thy escutcheon
In the rays of the sun, still dwelt shallow
For past's odour eternally vivid in a light to sparkle black.

In the nights of craving pain,
Darkness spared life with a meaning,
Darkness, the beauty of all our sorrow,
In all nights when I am Thou.

Darkness, the beauty of all our sorrow,
In all nights when I am Death.