Poems of An Empty Soul (EP)

by WOM

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"Poems of An Empty Soul" is the second EP of the black metal musical project WOM yet the first ever available on CD via Cold Raw Records( www.coldrawrecords.com ) , limited to 66 copies.


released May 18, 2014

A. - All instruments/ Vocals/ Lyrics



all rights reserved


WOM Cyprus

WOM (or Winds of Mayhem) is a one man black metal band from Cyprus, formed in 2011 by A.

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Track Name: Eternal Terror
Pure, sad spirit grow
Into this vain less peace
Life becomes a punishment
Same as death's kiss
Embracing kings with passion
Believing blindly that's a bless.
Another kind of slavery
Worse than flesh extinction.

Destroy politics
Destroy religion
Destroy slavery!

Cursed to live in those realms
Where stupidity rise above.
Cursed to die into wars of vain
Where every bullet means misery.
The same misery that you may know
Also called "money".
And you, stupid creature, still
Worship an eternal terror.

Which you may know it as "good".
Fucking eternal terror!
Track Name: Old Cold Blood
Do you even remember the time,
When humans use to have a soul ?
Do you still have the will,
To breathe in this modern polution ?

We became caged living corpses
So depressive, so lifeless
Even if vampires existed here
All they suck it will be old cold blood!

In a world full of horror
Where, your God has failed
A cloud of death arrives
Humans ultimate putrefaction.

Only anger remained alive
Among man's essence
Only deaths anthem sings
In our corpses dissonance.

We are the blood of the time
We are pure destruction.
Fucking ice among water,
Fucking old cold blood.
Track Name: Eternal Roads
Eternal roads, from the past
(Are) Killing the bright inside me
Eternal roads, forever lasts
On my grave-screams of insanity.

Light had never glow so cold
As shades of an unspoken void
I've never felt so old
In this tragedies of joy.

"Every blink in the sky
remains forever meaningless
Every second of life
flows vainly into nothingness.

Eternal roads, eternal reminders
of the day you'll die
Eternal voids of cold chambers
where no one will miss your cry."

There remains more ghost to chase
Where my sub-consciousness cried
Into symphonies of a dissonant maze
Another day, when I died.

Eternal roads, of passing life
(Are) Bringing solitudes door key
Eternal roads, always alive
Where, there's no immortality.
Track Name: Into Darkness
Since my existence begin here
I could not taste and seen,
Alike others, never near
A light on landscapes of green.

Every sunlight after autumns rain
Murdered walkings throught freedom,
Every happiness, of my inner pain
Became the awakening of another demon.

When souls frown towards my mirror
I could never feel something human,
Only emptiness, not even terror
Shall I die, in this illusion?

Every moonlight with it endless story
Provides more happiness into silence,
Darkness being colorfull in my diary
Without any tears of human presence.

There's no joy
For me in the light
There' no happiness
Only in the night
While humans will exist
Swarm of depression
Always will rise
In this fucking illusion.
I'm the one who always
Will walk on empty sides
I'm the one who loves
To be into darkness.
Black clouds of pain
Will always fill
The purpose on the painting
Of my lifes will.