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"WW" (or WW vol.1) is the first collaboration between Psithiros (Whispersorrow) and A.(WOM) in order to complete a full length Split-Album, available both on digital and physical sides.
Recorded during January and March 2015, "WW" remains one of the most complex and complete material for both bands by far, containing elements from the traditional black metal, depressive-ambient black until dark noise, hardcore, electronic ambiance etc. A split which both sides are very proud of having it in their discography!

The physical release date of "WW" is 28th of March 2015, thanks to Barbatos Production (Russia), in a Jewel Box, including 8 page booklets, limited to only 88 copies! www.barbatosprod.blogspot.com


released March 28, 2015


Psithiros - All Instruments/ Vocals/ Lyrics.


A. - All Instruments/ Vocals/ Lyrics


A. & Psithiros



all rights reserved


WOM Cyprus

WOM (or Winds of Mayhem) is a one man black metal band from Cyprus, formed in 2011 by A.

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Track Name: Whispersorrow - Staying Alive Among the Blind
Why it has to be so hard?
Why it has to be so dark?

Staying alive seems so hard.
In dark days, we fight for our lives.
But the fire is burning inside,
the fire is burning deep inside.

Among the blind, trying to,
Among the blind, trying to survive.
Its so cold outside,
its so cold outside.

A fire so strong, able to
create a world of ashes.
Among the blind, trying to see,
Among the blind, trying to survive.

Among the blind, trying to,
Among the blind, trying to survive.
Its so cold outside,
its so cold outside.


I know the answer but who cares to listen?
Who can actually understand? Just the chosen ones.
Who, who, Who?! FUCK THEM ALL!
Throw the sheep to the Wolves!
Track Name: Whispersorrow - I'm so Happy

Your pain can't touch me.
Happy your pain cant touch me.
i'm so happy.

i'm happy your pain can't touch me.
i'm happy your pain can't touch me haha.
i'm happy, I'm happy, ah.

You chose the wrong path.
i'm here, just like i was before.
I see the same mistakes over and over again.

Are you in pain? Are you in pain?
I don't give a fuck! I don't give a fuck!
Oh dear, i don't give a fuck!!!

Man brings his own destruction.
Dancing to the rhythm of chaos, chaos, chaos.

Now weakness came,
you won't be able to dance,

Not able to consume, your life ends, hahahaha
Not able to consume, your life ends, hahahaha
Not able to consume, your life ends, hahahaha
Not able to consume, your life ends, hahahaha

I'm so happy, i'm so happy, i'm so happy, hahahaha
I'm so happy, i'm so happy, i'm so happy, hahahaha

Track Name: Whispersorrow - The Last Battle for the Eternal Throne
The blood of the innocent
will give life to our dreams.
Through bloody war, through bloody war,
everything will be destroyed.

Fire will paint the sky,
blood will paint soil.
Eyes full of vengeance,
eyes full of hate.


Hands now weapons,
friends now enemies.
A new world will rise
through the death of
countless bodies.

Its the only way.
People will suffer
to gain freedom.
The old chains will break.

Brutal battle for
the eternal throne.

The end of this black
book of suffering is near.
The bible of lies
will lose its throne.
The throne is ours now,
the throne is ours forever...
Track Name: Whispersorrow - With All of My Senses
A beautiful fairytale, a journey with no end?
Tears of joy, tears of pain.
Another lesson from life.

Losing and finding myself.
Like the light of the Day
and the darkness of the Night.

The lost and found
pieces of my life.
Of my life's puzzle...

I can taste the atmosphere,
it's blue like the clear sky.
Im using my eyes, my ears, my
hands, my lips, all of my senses.

Im feeling it,
you can feel it too.
In front of our eyes,
so great, so simple.
Is life a dream?

A beautiful fairytale, a journey with no end,
tears of joy, tears of pain.
Track Name: WOM - Chamber of Melancholy
Track Name: WOM - Descending Towards Inexistence
Night cold winds can blow just rage
Against mirrors of the living past
Where a never ending wonder reflect's
How air shall smell, outside a cage ?

As the days are washed in rain
No coffins are buried deep enough
For mankind fate, so far above
To be aware, to rust in vain.

Sardonic tears of times wisdom
Always flows within mute madness
Whispering voices, of souls so lifeless
Towards the shades of this kingdom.

As eternity still condemn
Morbid glories of what once was
Color dies in lifes spirit draws
Forced into inexistence, to descend.
Track Name: WOM - In Lack of Portret
Empty flesh in lack of portret
You'll no longer sing a pain
Against fears of blind silence
within agony screams
of graveyard's rain.

Statues in their tears so grey
Still curse your lifes regret
As so helpless in this dance
of bleeding joy which
you left and forget.

Skeletons of your creations
Becomes an abominable music
In it's worship of all evil
as life fades forever
in your coffin lyric.

Empty flesh in lack of portret
You've become the art of mine
Without even a grave to rott
in this misery immortal
a light to never shine.
Track Name: WOM - Solitude Eternal
The evil inside me is laughing of my decay
Into this games of carnage and torture,
Choises exist no more, only a destiny of grey
Where my life's failure becomes larger and larger.

Now, cursed to face this reality of doom
Seeing even my own death like a pure bless
Alone I am, alone I'll be, below the moon
In that place, where no one cares.

Walking among Living souls
Brings just envy for I'm so dead
Unable to breed this life goals
Shiftless to rise, to go ahead

Unleased red torment still falling
In the eye of this cruel storm,
Awakening old wisdoms of living
As sunlight has a darker form.

Tree's dissonance are calling
My sinister path of black silence
Where my humanity's finally dying
Alone, among void's tyrants.

Lost echoes from a distant past
Still accentuate my soul's funeral
Against the time, I've never asked
If this solitude remains eternal?